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Reflection on current protest

This is one of the clearest perspectives I’ve read on the current protests going on in professional sports.


Some Creative Endeavors

Charles Lee in a recent blog entry gives five practical ways to stay creative. Of the five two have been particularly helpful for me of late.

One is his suggestion to visit open space. Here’s what he had to say: “Whether it’s the beach, the mountains, or the local park, take frequent visits to view landscapes. I’ve found that visiting open space, even for a few minutes, helps me to gain better perspective. It’s a physical act of taking my focus off the immediate to appreciate things that are much larger in scope.”

The second is to have fun. Again, Lee: “It’s important to give yourself permission to go engage in something solely for pleasure. Turn off your cell phone and go do things that you enjoy (e.g., exercise, join a sports team, take a walk, watch a movie, etc.). Unwinding from the norm through things that fill you and give you energy is really important to your creativity. People definitely undervalue fun as a means for creativity.”

I’ve applied these recently by taking long country walks and bike rides. My only goal has been to take in the beauty of the open space of our rural landscape and allow it to refresh my soul. I happened to take along my camera and here are some of the scenes I captured.

By the way, Lee’s blog can be found at

Reflections in a creek.

My shadow as I ride.Kansas sunflower.


Kansas sunset.


Rose in our garden.

Wild flower

Welcome to thegoodenoughpastor

Welcome to my blog. I will be discussing various issues concerning my philosophy of ministry, observations of current trends in ministry, reflections on my faith journey, commentary on what I’m reading, samples of my photography, and other offerings. Check back soon.

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