Enjoying the freedom of being good enough

New Year thoughts

One of the areas I resolved to focus on this year is writing. In reviewing my blog, I realized I haven’t posted since September.


One contributing factor to my lapse is motivation. Or lack thereof.

Truth be told, winter is not my favorite time of the year. For several years now I’ve suspected I suffer a moderate case of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Right now it’s 10 degrees outside, the wind is blowing about 22 mph, windchill of -10, and snow is drifting all around. I’m not liking this much.

So I can’t say this is a “happy” time for me.

That said, we just wrapped up a great Christmas season with our kids. All but one were able to come home and visit. It was rich.

I am very thankful.

The paradox has me thinking. I can be thankful, even though I’m not particularly happy. One doesn’t cancel the other.

Perhaps this is as it should be.

American culture fixates on happiness.

Jesus and the Christian paradigm focuses on thankfulness.

C.S. Lewis stated that we don’t get second things by putting second things first. We only get second things by putting first things first.

I’m pretty sure that as I give my energy to being thankful, happiness will follow along as a natural by-product.

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