Enjoying the freedom of being good enough

Finding ourselves in music

I must be in contemplative mood today. I’m discovering meanings in various lyrics of songs I’ve been listening to.

While working out this morning, I listened to Brandi Carlile, one of my all-time favorite artists. Her song, Looking Out, came up on my MP3. I took notice of these words:

I am afraid of crossing lines

I am afraid of flying blind

Afraid of inquiring minds

Afraid of being left behind

As I listened, I thought, “This could be the theme song of many of us Christians.” Unfortunately, it could be my theme song more than I like to admit.

These words penetrate on so many levels. I’ll allow them to do their work on you. It seems to the mark of truth–it’s so dang tormenting.

But here’s a thought: Why do we so often allow fear to dictate and dominate our lives. Isn’t Christianity the faith that’s supposed to be all about faith?

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