Enjoying the freedom of being good enough


Easter Sunday.

As I meditate on the Easter story, I’m drawn to the disciples’ shock that their Jesus was no longer in the tomb. Obviously, people don’t normally vacate their graves. But on several occasions Jesus had given the disciples the heads up on what  was to happen.

Still they were surprised.

In the past I chalked this up to their thick-headedness.

Yet in the many ways we experience our own resurrection, we are no less shocked. God provides us with unexpected income to take care of a bill. We are the recipients of forgiveness and a relationship is restored. The sun comes up after a particularly painful dark night of the soul.


But isn’t this what He promised? It’s not like we haven’t been told and reminded over and over again.

God resurrects.

The sting of death is defeated.

It’s not over with yet.

Hope prevails.

He continues to write our story.

Life wins.

It leaves me wondering where life will spring forth next? What surprise of resurrection does God have in store?

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