Enjoying the freedom of being good enough

School of Theology

I recently had the privilege of participating in the School of Theology, directed by John MacMurray. John convenes the S.O.T. once or twice a year and invites selected theologians, authors, and other thinkers to present and discuss theological issues and their implications for life. In addition to formal lectures, there is ample time for questions and responses and ongoing dialogue as participants eat, hang out and generally do community together for a week.

The most recent S.O.T. was held near Winter Park, CO, in a beautiful mountain setting. September brought out the best of the golden aspen, and the weather couldn’t have been better. The house we stayed in was situated adjacent to the 9th hole fairway of a spectacular golf course. Most of our instructional times were held at Young Life’s Crooked Creek Ranch.

The guest lecturers were C. Baxter Kruger, Paul Young, and Dr. Roger Newell. Some may recognize Baxter from his theological works on the Trinity. Paul is known for his book, The Shack. Dr. Newell is a professor at George Fox University and has published some works on C. S. Lewis.

Kruger focused on the Father, Son and Spirit’s great love and desire to include us in the Trinitarian experience of relationship. One of the most helpful things Baxter shared came in a personal conversation with him. I had shared with him some of my own journey of embracing the “good enough” concept and the struggle to overcome personal shame.

His comment was empowering and liberating. He told me that Jesus’ goal is to bring us fully into the knowledge and experience of His Father’s love. In that, God has us on a trajectory. He is committed to taking our moments of greatest shame and pain, and transforming them into sacraments of His grace. Not only will they be our points of most profound healing and salvation, but will also be our most effective points of ministering to others in their greatest need.

I’d heard this expressed in similar ways before, but this time it seemed to “take.” I got it. And it’s made a huge difference in my life.

I’m including a couple of photos of the beauty that surrounded us–another sacrament of His grace.



Aspen among the evergreens.

Atop Adams Falls.


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